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Per month, Per outlet
  • check_circleOrder & Menu Management
  • check_circleManage Takeaways
  • check_circleDine-in Management
  • check_circleBusiness Analytics
  • check_circleCloud based POS
  • check_circleInventory Management
  • check_circleRecipe Management
  • check_circleMaster Management
  • check_circleUnlimited Invoices
  • check_circleRemote Setup & Onboarding
  • Get Started for Free
  • Includes 7-days-a-week support
  • Includes lifetime software updates
  • 24/7 cloud access to software on any device and browser, or via our app on an Android tablet or Android POS device
  • 24/7 cloud access to Back of House (BOH) software on any device and browser

FAQs for Pricing

contact_supportSlant offer a Free Trial subscription?

Yes! Slant’s Free Trial allows you to explore Slant’s powerful features free for 14 days. Practice setting up your account and managing your menu. Become familiar with Slant’s comprehensive Inventory module; you’ll learn how to manage recipes and food costs, raise purchase orders, and run stock takes in just a few steps.

contact_supportHow do I activate the subscription?

Upon starting a trial, you can either activate the subscription immediately or after the end of the trial period. During the subscription activation, you will be asked to provide your payment card details. If you activate the subscription before the end of the Free Trial, you will still be able to use the service without paying till the end of the trial period. Your card will be charged and an invoice will be issued at the end of the .

contact_supportWill I lose my sales data while my account is blocked?

If for some reason, the payment fails and the back office gets blocked, your sales data or the Advanced Inventory documents will not be lost. Furthermore, the tracking of stock will continue to operate. Once you’ve paid up and your account is unblocked, all the sales and the stock levels in the back office will show the most updated information.

contact_supportHow can I cancel my subscription?

For your convenience, your subscription will be automatically renewed at the end of the billing period. You can easily cancel your subscription at any time. Follow these easy steps to cancel a subscription:
1. Login to the POS with the account owner email and password.
2. Go to Settings and then to Subscriptions section.
3. Click the Unsubscribe button to cancel an active subscription.

contact_support Can I use my own hardware?

Yes you can use your existing hardware. Our web-based software version works with any tablet, laptop, PC or Mac with an internet browser. Also, our Android-based version works with any Android POS device or tablet. For our Android version, we recommend a 10-inch Android Tablet or Android POS Device. However, you need a minimum screen size of at least 8-inch to properly operate the Slant POS app. Also for the Android OS, you can use version 7 and higher.

contact_supportCan I change my plan after I choose one?

Yes. You can upgrade, downgrade, or cancel your plan at any time.

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